A Larder Still Life

A Larder Still Life



A Larder Still Life

Constant Woutermaertens was born in Courtrai on 4th August 1823, the younger brother of the animal painter Edouard (1819-1897), and was taught to paint by the latter. He also studied at the Courtrai Academy.

He specialised in still-life but also depicted animals, a few landscapes (such as "Two Circus Hounds" and "Landscape with Hunters, Waterfall and Castle") and genre scenes. The still-lifes are of the rustic variety as opposed to colourful, airy, floral types and by employing a simple and natural painting technique together with the considered placement of the items, he is able to translate the solidity and texture of the objects on to the canvas. In this, he continues the 17th century Flemish tradition in the vein of an artist such as Pieter Snyers.

His predilection for this subject matter is exemplified by the titles of some of his works which include: "Still life with fish, vegetables and hare", "Still life of ham, cabbages, asparagus, mushrooms and confit jar on a ledge", "Ducks, oysters and lettuce in a whicker basket" and "Still life with game birds and fruit". He also sometimes included dogs and cats examining the items in a larder still life rather in the manner of the 17th century painters Paul de Vos and Frans Snyders.

Woutermaertens exhibited in Ghent and at the Paris Salons as well as at Courtrai and the museum in the latter has examples of his work in its collection.


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Height 99.06 cm / 39 "
Width 112.268 cm / 44 "
Framed height 132.08 cm / 52 "
Framed width 147.32 cm / 58 "

1823 - 1867


Oil on canvas