"The Hop Garden"

"The Hop Garden"




English School  

“The Hop Garden” 

Oil on board

15.2 x 19.7

6 x 7 3/4 inches)

Printed on an old label verso:

The gay regions of France may exult in their vines,

But the hop with its gracefully circling vines

May boast of a power more potent in charms,

The parent or health, and of vigor in arms:

As lively the scene-but beware when you're in,

For the stranger uneeing is popp'd in the bin.

Smith's Hop Garden

Also inscribed in pen and ink: R.A. in 1840
"The Hop Garden" is a sketch for the original which measures 4ft x 4ft 11 ins overall and was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1828 and the British Institute in 1829 no.194.

Trained at the Royal Academy schools, William Frederick Witherington, RA was known for his landscape and genre paintings.

Whilst his early works are in the Morland and Wheatley tradition, his later style was adapted to suit Victorian tastes. During this later period he painted picturesque landsacpes and rustic scenes in a style similar to William Shayer and F R Lee. Many of his paintings are of Devon, the West Country and Wales.

Witherington was an elected member of the Royal Academy.

Exhibited works include "Tintern Abbey", Reapers' Repast", "Cottage Door, a woman making lace" and "The Royal Procession on The Thames".


1785 - 1865


Oil on board